English Editing for International Graduate Students (EEIGS)

The English Editing for International Graduate Students (EEIGS) program is a unique opportunity for enrolled University of Maryland international students. Through this program, international students may submit portions of required academic writing for free editing.  Editors are volunteers from the University’s Volunteer Service Corps.

This is an online service:  students submit papers electronically as Word documents and editors respond using the “track changes” feature in Word.

EEIGS services are available only during the regular academic year (fall and spring semesters).  Because services are provided by volunteers, the number of requests that can be fulfilled and the time it takes to respond to papers may fluctuate.  Please be aware of this, and make sure to plan accordingly.

To use the services of EEIGS, students must follow these requirements:

  • Students must be currently enrolled, international graduate students at University of Maryland, College Park
  • Students are limited to one request per week
  • Students may submit no more than 30 double-spaced pages in a week (larger papers may be worked on in sections over several weeks, as services are available)
  • Papers must be submitted as Word documents. No other formats will be accepted
  • Students who use the services of EEIGS must inform their advisor or their program’s Director of Graduate Studies about the aid received in this program. This is a matter of academic integrity.
  • Students are responsible for any assigned deadlines for their own work. EEIGS and the volunteer editors are not responsible for any deadlines related to the assignment. Students should plan editing turnaround time into their writing schedules.

Students using the services of EEIGS can expect that

  • EEIGS volunteers will edit and proofread your project through Comments and Track Changes in Microsoft Word.
  • EEIGS volunteers are generalists and cannot provide specific feedback about the content and development of ideas in a paper (for that service, please request a consultation with the Graduate School Writing Fellows)
  • The EEIGS coordinator will seek a volunteer editor for each request and will report the results to the student. You may request a specific editor; however, all requests will initially go through the EEIGS coordinator.
  • Submitted requests up to 10 double-spaced pages will be returned within 5 days.
  • Submitted requests up to 30 double-spaced pages will be returned within 10 days.

How to request editing services from EEIGS:

  • Requests (only one per week) must be submitted to the program coordinator through email (eeigs@umd.edu).
  • Each paper should be accompanied with a student request form that includes student contact information and information about the assignment.

To download a PDF of this information, please click EEIGS Info Sheet 2015.

Questions?  Please contact the EEIGS coordinator at eeigs@umd.edu.