Request a Consultation

Please see our Consultation Policies before scheduling or cancelling a consultation.

While classes are in session (fall, spring, summer terms), Fellows hold several kinds of consultations; all consultations are scheduled for 60 minutes and must be reserved in advance on the online scheduling system.

During consultations, graduate students can expect to engage in attentive conversation about their writing with a peer.  A graduate student can work with a Writing Fellow to. . . .

  • Talk through, develop, and organize ideas into clear, coherent prose
  • Develop skills in editing and revising
  • Learn to interpret the structure, style, and requirements of writing required at the graduate level (including seminar papers, manuscripts, literature reviews, and chapters of longer projects)
  • Get constructive feedback from a thoughtful reader

Fellows do not edit a student’s writing; instead, students can expect to work collaboratively with the Fellows to develop as a writers.

Read-Ahead consultations may be face-to-face, online (synchronous), or eTutoring (asynchronous):  these appointments require students to submit writing in advance (at least 72 hours in advance).  Fellows read and comment on the submissions in preparation for the hour-long consultation.

**NEW** Brainstorming consultations are ideal for students who want to talk with a Fellow while they are in the planning and development stage of their writing project.  These appointments do not require students to submit writing in advance and offer an opportunity to brainstorm about a project, review shorter documents (such as cover letters, personal statements, or other documents shorter than three pages), or discuss questions and concerns about style or usage.

To request a consultation:

1) Go to and register.

2) On the login page or at the top of the scheduling page, select the schedule you would like to view from the drop-down menu (Read-Ahead Consultations or Brainstorming Consultations).Schedule Menu Screenshots3) Click any white box to make an appointment (scroll down or move to the next week to find white boxes). Gray or blue boxes indicate unavailable appointment times. You may also filter the Fellows by discipline using the “Limit to:” drop-down list at the top of the page.

4) Fill out the appointment form and attach your document. For documents longer than 10 pages, please indicate what pages you would like the Fellow to read. Note: Documents must be attached at least 3 days (72 hours) in advance of your consultation to give the Fellow ample time to provide comments.

5) For face-to-face consultations, arrive at the Office of Writing Initiatives (5100B McKeldin Library) 5-10 minutes before your appointment.

To attach a document:

1) Fill out the appointment form. Once you click submit, an appointment confirmation will pop up. There will be a link to click to attach a document.

WC Online Appointment document attach

2) If you want to attach your document later (no less than 72 hours before the appointment), sign in the scheduling software. Click on the yellow file folder below the Welcome bar. Then, choose your appointment date and time. You will be prompted to attach your document.

Attaching a file after making an appointment

For a PDF version of these instructions, click here: Student Guide for Appointments and Uploads.


Consultation Types

Most consultations are face-to-face. However, some Fellows do offer online or e-tutoring consultation (check under the Fellow’s name on the left side of the schedule at to see if either is offered).

Face-to-Face Appointments: These consultations take place in the Graduate School Writing Center’s office in McKeldin Library. The Fellow will come prepared with comments on your draft, and you will sit down with the Fellow to work collaboratively through your document.

Online Appointments: Online consultations are just like face-to-face consultations, but they take place through online document sharing and video. This option is great if you are traveling for research or a conference but would still like to continue your work with a Writing Fellow or begin the revision process. If you have scheduled an online consultation, simply sign on to at your appointment time and click on your appointment (shown in orange). Then click the red link “Start or Join Online Conversation.”

eTutoring Appointments: Different from face-to-face or online consultations, e-Tutoring consultations are the perfect option if you are traveling in a different time zone that makes it difficult to schedule a consultation that requires a strict meeting time. Rather than meeting with the Fellow directly, the Fellow will give extensive comments and feedback on a document uploaded to MyWCOnline during the scheduled appointment time. To retrieve these documents, simply log in at, click on your appointment (shown in orange), and download the documents under “Attached Files.”